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what’s the difference

diciembre 24, 2006

aparently none. english or spanish, the desert remains the same. i shall leave it at this and return to more active tasks.


the long and winding road from english to spanish

diciembre 11, 2006

well, this is going to be sort of tricky, as i am in the process of changing the language interface from english to spanish. thereafter, i shall remain silent for some time and just keep checking back to see, whether this makes a difference or not.



what does it take…

diciembre 11, 2006

…to add some live activities to this thing?

according to the recent stats, this blog does indeed have visitors. the only drawback; for some reason; those, who arrive, never leave a post. why? maybe because those of you, who came here, do not understand english? hm, what a strange world this is…

to add a post, or leave a comment, you must be registered.follow the LOGIN link and complete the micro form. once you are registered, this blog is all yours, well, almost 😉

by the way, there is also a madhatteR Web Site to be visited…

ready, steady, go!



how to register for this blog

diciembre 8, 2006

just in case anybody was wondering what the hack it takes to post to this blog, here is the conlusion:

simply select login from the meta section on the sidebar to the right. as a new user, you will follow the create account link to get started. once you have completed this step, you may post without restrictions. The blog could have been setup to allow anybody to post without registering, but the webmaster (me ;-)) does not take kindly to spam, hence, the option was changed to require users to be registered before they can post.



new drummer

diciembre 8, 2006

so madhatteR has finally got themselves a new drummer. more info about the guy shall appear on the website at as soon as the poor webmaster (me ;-)) has received the data…

re-dir bug eliminated

noviembre 23, 2006

just came across this by accicdent. there was a bug in the re-dir script pointing to this blog. this error should no longer be of concern as i have fixed the source and everything is working as expected now.

data import complete

noviembre 23, 2006

at last!

having had to fiddle with this myspace thing, i have succeeded to filter out the actual message contents, convert them into RSS, import into the local copy of WP and then export them as XML for re-importing into this online version. if ever you have to do something like this, let me know any shortcuts inthe line of fire 😉



Flash Intro

noviembre 9, 2006

The default index.html now has a small Flash Intro of about 200 KB. Shjould load quick enough even on DUN connections. Else? Just go there and see for yourself 😉

v2.8.5 just got live

octubre 17, 2006

Hi all, whoever that is 😉

Just completed the upload to RC 2.8.5 with some extra style sheets to play around with. Hopefully, the site will prove save to use — in terms of bug reports <g> Well, I shall leave it to the user-s to find the easter eggs.


phh of Q Web Design

Pre-alpha Web Site online

agosto 8, 2006

Just finished uploading Release Candidate 2 Build 7 at

No need to go there right now, since it is locked and will only take you to the homepage of phh.ProDesign at until the site has been verified.

However, if you happen to know madhatteR, feel free to start posting in this BLOG, thank you.